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Design Problems and Object-Oriented Solutions

These design problems and object-oriented solutions are offered as a complement to the book,"Designing Flexible Object-Oriented Systems with UML" by Charles Richter (Macmillan Technical Publishing, 1999, ISBN 1-57870-098-1).  A one-sentence outline of each problem is given below.  Two separate documents accompany each outline.  One contains a more detailed description of the problem, while the other contains that description and a solution.  Readers who want to develop their own solutions should read just the problem description first.

The documents provided are in Portable Document Format (PDF).  PDFdocuments can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Exchange.Both are available from Adobe Systems, Incorporated.

Design Problem 1
You must develop software that allows clients to periodically check for changes in the status of devices in a network.

Polling Problem (PDF)     Polling Solution (PDF)

Design Problem 2
You must provide software that allows a client application to transfer a specified file to a specified destination.

File Transfer Problem (PDF)    File Transfer Solution (PDF)

Design Problem 3
You must design a system to schedule meetings and meeting rooms.

Meeting Room Problem (PDF)    Meeting Room Solution (PDF)

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