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General Object Technology Course Catalog

General Object Technology Courses.
These courses provide a foundation in basic object technology concepts, and in the application of use cases to the task of modeling functional requirements.

Introduction to Object Technology.
Discusses basic object-oriented concepts. Outlines object-oriented development and some of the methods and languages that support it. Explains some of the benefits of object-oriented development. Duration: 1 day.

Modeling Functional Requirements with Use Cases.
Explains the application of use cases to the task of modeling the functional requirements of a system or application.  Illustrates how to describe the details of individual use cases. Duration: 2 days.

Business Modeling Using UML.
Describes the processes involved in constructing a business model, as well as the use of the UML notation to document that model. Duration: 2 days.

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) Notation
This course explains how to interpret basic UML notation.  It explains the fundamental concepts an notational conventions for the UML seven diagrams. Duration: 2 days.

Instructor: Most object-oriented design courses are taught by Charles Richter, principal, Objective Engineering. Mr. Richter has been involved in object-oriented development for almost two decades and has used and taught several popular object-oriented analysis and design methods. Read more about Objective Engineering and Mr. Richter at the Objective Engineering Company Information page.

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