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Business Modeling Using UML

Course Name: Business Modeling Using the Unified Modeling Language

Course Overview:
While the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is most often described as an object-oriented analysis and design notation, it also provides excellent features for business modeling.  The use of a common notation such as UML for both the business model and the application design can promote synergy between the business and development views of the system.  This course uses a case study to illustrate how UML can be applied to describe both conceptual business models and the business processes that act on those models.

Course Audience: This course is aimed at business analysts and others interested in developing models of conceptual "business objects" and business processes.  Attendees will gain an appreciation of how conceptual models can be cast as class diagrams, as well as how UML's use case and activity diagrams can describe business processes and workflows.

Course Prerequisites: No knowledge of object-oriented concepts, conceptual modeling, or business process modeling is required.

Course Outline:

Introduction:  The objective and outline of the course.  Some references to business modeling and UML books and papers.

The Problem and Its Requirements:  Description of the case study problem.  An explanation of UML's use case diagrams.  Employing use cases to specify the case study's required business processes.

A Workflow View:  An explanation of UML's activity diagrams.  The use of activity diagrams to show the temporal sequencing (i.e., the "workflows") of use cases in the case study.  The refinement of the case study's use cases.

A Business Object Model:  An explanation of UML's class diagrams.  Employing class diagrams to describe business object models.  How class cards relate to UML class diagrams.  The construction of a business object model for the case study.

Introducing Business Rules:  Five types of business rules.  Ways of modeling business rules in UML.  Adding business rules to the case study model.

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