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Crash Course in Java Programming
Course Overview: This one-day “crash course” provides attendees with a fast-paced, in-depth look at the Java programming language. It describes the Java language and its use for object-oriented programming. It covers basic concepts such as classes and inheritance, as well as more advanced topics such as threads and exceptions. As it is an investigation of much of the Java language in a single day, this class has no programming laboratories.

Target Audience: This course is aimed at individuals who want a quick-paced, intensive discussion of the basic features of the Java programming language.

Prerequisites: Attendees must understand basic programming concepts and mechanisms. Knowledge of C-style syntax and object- oriented concepts is helpful but is not required.

Course Outline:

Introduction: The “compile once, run many” paradigm. A first Java program. Some references to Java books and web sites.

Classes and Objects: The concepts of classes and objects. The syntax and semantics for class definitions. Instantiating objects. Constructors and initializers for initializing objects. Garbage collection.

Specialization and Polymorphism: Class specialization through extension (i.e., subclassing). Interface specialization through the definition and implementation of interfaces. Classes versus interfaces. Inheritance, type promotion (or “upcasting”), and polymorphism.

Miscellaneous Class Topics: The Object class. Arrays and strings. Comparing and copying objects. Overriding versus overloading.

Control Constructs: A very brief tour of Java’s control flow statements and operators.

Packages: Using packages for name scoping and for access control. Defining and importing packages. A brief tour of some standard Java packages.

Exceptions and Errors: Defining exceptions and errors. Checked versus unchecked exceptions. Throwing and catching exceptions. Using exception information.

Threads: The concept of threads. A quick look at defining threads, synchronizing access to shared objects, and using the wait-notify idiom.

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